Solution to expand the capabilities of queue management systems and self-service terminals with biometric identification tools.

The Id-Line allows you to enrich the capabilities of Queue Management Systems (QMS) and self-service terminals with face identification tools to reduce service time, increase loyalty and personalized customer service.

The Id-Line solution is:

  • - Quick installation in 20 minutes
  • - Documented in detail API for integration with QMS, CRM and other information systems
  • - Detailed guidelines for using cameras for queuing equipment manufacturers
  • - Less than 1 second to notify operator of VIP

The download page below contains distributions of software, adapters, plugins and mobile applications, information about changes to the current version, documentation, and marketing materials available for the Solution.

To download the required software or documentation:

  • 1. Select the required distribution or document
  • 2. On the right side of the line click Download
  • 3. In the opened window select the download source
  • 4. After downloading, install and license the Solution in demo mode or using commercial license

Note! If the download does not start, make sure your browser security settings do not block the download.

The prices of our solutions are subject to licensing policy. Information on the cost and terms of purchase can be obtained by sending us an email request at

List of supported operating systems

  • Windows 10 Pro, Ent;
  • Windows Server 2016;
  • Windows Server 2019.

Hardware requirements

The processor core frequency is at least 2.7GHz, the number of cores is at least 4, and the RAM volume is at least 16 GB. For exact configuration requirements for your task, contact a partner managers at

Account Requirements

  • The account (login/password) (including remote) must remain unchanged during the installation.
  • The account (login/password) must allow the privileges to be upgraded to Administrator if necessary.

Infrastructure Requirements

  • Network connectivity between the server where the Solution is deployed and the server on ports 23231, 1194.
  • After the Solution installation, the server name cannot be changed.

Operating System Configuration Requirements
During the Solution installation, third-party software is installed on the server.
List of software and ports used by the Solution:

RabbitMQ + Erlang  5672, 15672
Redis  6379
Nginx  80, 443, 23231
PostgresSQL  5432

One of the server requirements to install the Solution is the absence of the software on the server specified in the table above and the availability of free ports specified in the table.

The solution has a microservice architecture, and each service uses one or more ports. Please refer to the documentation for a complete list of required ports.

Steps to install the Id-Line system (see the Administrator's Guide for complete instructions).

  1. First of all, download the main distribution by clicking on the "Distribution" button.
  2. Install the main components on the server: Id-Line Core, Tracker. Do not change the default IP address during installation.
  3. Reset system.
  4. After installation the "Id-Line" shortcut appears. Click it or go to the browser at

If you have any additional questions, please contact us. Technical support e-mail:

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